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Hawken is Ascending Towards Release

By Toast06-09-2013

Hawken is that game with Mechs that you've probably heard about which is currently in open beta, it's getting a pretty big update titled Ascension, which is updating and adding quite a hefty chunk of things in. These things include a new HUD inside each Mech, a new map called Last Eco for you to play on, and some changed to the ranking and levelling systems in the game. You can level up Mechs to receive new weapons, abilities and new chassis parts to customise your chosen Armoured Mech of choice. What the developers have also detailed in if you have maxed out the level of the current Mech you are using, you will unlock another, and you can unlock all the Mechs in the game by doing this. They've also introduced in the XP Overflow system, which will allow you to assign XP to another Mech after a match has concluded with one that you've already maxed out with levelling, which I might add is a pretty neat system.

They've also detailed their new item slot system for customising loadouts before battle, new abilities to strafe while in the air to avoid fire, and an offline Team Deathmatch and VR Training mode to practice your skill against bots or learn the ropes before heading online to battle it out against real opponents. This update is expected to hit next week, and if you have any interest in trying the game, you can sign up and download it for free on the official website.

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