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Hawken Hawk at Possibilities

By NeonAnderson22-01-2013

PC Gamer had "a chat" with Chris Lalli, the co-founder and lead animator at Adhesive Games. Who has revealed some interesting development plans, which the Hawken developers are looking into.

The first of which is the addition of melee weapons, as it stands now Hawken is solely ranged robotic combat with no melee capabilities, this might be changing soon though. As the developers are experimenting with the addition of large melee weapons such as giant combat knives.

"We wouldn't want to see every mech running around punching or swinging swords at each other," he says, "or have a long-range sniper class staying in close to melee. I'd like to see specialized mech classes or balanced weapons that incorporate melee, but at the cost of ranged attacks or something along those lines."

In addition to melee weapons, the developers are planning to implement counter-measures and increased customisation options, while also improving upon existing features such as the server browser and matchmaking.

It all sounds very promising and Hawken players can definitely look forward to the upcoming patches with great joy.

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