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Have You Ever Wondered About Momo?

By acharris7702-02-2014

Well I guess it is that time of again. Yes it’s Sunday so that must mean it is time for another strange news piece from yours truly. This time I bring your details about Wonder Momo making a comeback. For those who are probably as clueless, it is a revival of the 1987 classic arcade game of the same name. This was never released outside of Japan, so it is a good chance that unless you are a big Anime fan, or into the import scene of the PC Engine (Known as Turbografx-16 outside of Japan), then chances are you never played the original back in the day.

The original Wonder Momo was a beat’em-up game, which Namco themselves developed and published. The games main protagonist was a female, which back then was very rare. The premise of the game was interesting as the game started off with a theatrical play, telling the story of how Momo got her super powers. After this point, the player takes control of the game, except instead of playing as the hero, you play as an actress portraying the role of Momo on a live stage. The game was noted for risqué content for the time, as when the character jumped, her skirt would rise and the panties could be seen clearly. Typical of the Japanese, they always like to pay attention to fine points.

Move forward 27 years and after being made into a successful web-comic and Anime series, Wonder Momo is back. This time following Momoko, the daughter of the original protagonist in Wonder Momo. California-based Wayforward Technologies, known for Ducktales Remastered, are doing the 2014 version. They are going to be keeping with the 80’s style 2D side-scrolling action, and will release on PC and Android platform worldwide in spring. I will say that this game looks pretty good, and with the worldwide release maybe it can gather more interest. Hopefully they will remain faithful to the original, and include the skirt lifting...

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