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Haunted By Squads Mode

By JcDent07-08-2013

First video from new phone. on Twitpic

In scraping the bottom of the barrel news, Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin posted/twitted a video titled "First video from new phone", in which the view zooms out from a screen and we get to see a sub menu called "Squads". Also, there are shards flying over a map of the world, because Black Ops 2 was serious and sad, so now we too have to be serious and sad. I miss Call of Duty 2...

Anyways, this might some cooperative campaign or guild management tool or customized flying pony race/bake-off. All we can do now is guess and curse people for "accidentally" dropping hints about new products. I could have used these 5 minutes to look at cats on the internet, you know!


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