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Hats Off to Dagobah

By JcDent08-08-2013

Never fight a land war in Asia, but you sure as hell can do some future combat in Hossin! This video introduces a new continent to Planetside 2 and now you can go on sweet buggy rides in the swamps! Personally, Hossin looks like something that I'd let the enemy keep, but I'm not a future general. Also, I'm no that poor TR heavy ridden down by a tank. Terran Republic forever!

Anyways, what are your experiences with Planetside 2? Are you excited about the new continent?

Speaking of Planetside 2 (my "most praised, least played" game) it's also coming to PS4, but you won't be able to play with PS4 players. However, it will be possible to transfer your character to the PS4 version. You know, if you're retarded or something. The game will remain free and won't require Playstation Plus to play online.

Now, for the good stuff. Planetside users will now be able to submit art - new helmets, new color schemes, new hood ornaments, decals and plane cocpit decals - and even get money from it! Of course, it's not free form - there's a guide - but once SOE approves, you can rake in the cash (of course, after they get their cut). This also means that you can't just submit Beakie helmets all day long, since nobody wants to be sued by Games Workshop.

So, ready to port some Blacklight helmets?

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