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Hardcore Space-Sim

By Mokman19-02-2013

There's been a glut of space simulators recently, all taking the opportunity paved by Kickstarters such as Elite: Dangerous or Star Citizen. Interestingly though, despite the immense chance at the revival of the genre, most have not chosen significant innovation in terms of the simulator portion of the game, but instead have stuck to the time-tested systems of game-pads and joysticks. Not this game though. Rogue System is a hardcore combat flight-simulator, apparently taking inspiration from both arcade simulators and also hardcore flight simulators like Microsoft Flight Simulator. It showcases, as can be seen in the trailer a clickable cockpit, a variety of sub-system to manage in the style of FTL, and most exciting of all, the ability to look about one's own cockpit. I know, it may sound as if a small feature compared to the rest, but as an experienced connoisseur of space-simulators, this stands out as one feature I've been hankering for the most. Nothing contributes more to immersion than being able to look to one's right and stare at the pretty nebulae, or to whoop at the shattered remnants of the cruiser you just bombed.

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