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Hans And Klaus Ship To Front

By JcDent13-04-2013

While Wargame: AirLand Battle title still remains beyond redemption, the creators of the upcomming Wargame sequel release some new screenshots. AirLand Battle is Cold War RTS just like its older brother, but now it will take place in Scandinavia. This means new countries, new terrains, new units and 150-models of airforce. We can now take a peek at just what this means for the both Germanies involved in the conflict.

The Federal Republic of Germany fields the well rounded Leopards as well as some funky experimental American designs. And if you want to see Iron Crosses in the sky, the screenshots shows off the Luftwaffe's F-104 Starfighters (the long narrow jet) and the even less famous Panavia Tornado. You can also see the bigger urban environments, which I already hate with a fiery passion.

The German Democratic Republic, on the other hand, is armed with the best vehicles the USSR can give them, such as the venerable T-72 MBT. The hips are sexy as ever, while the real airforce is filled with the ageing M-17s and the M-21, which was supposedly an American jet in the horrible movie adaptation of „The Losers" (seriously, don't see that movie).

Meanwhile, I can't wait to see the Swedish S-Tank.

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