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Halo, We Come in Peace

By Toast28-03-2014

We’ve heard it all before many years ago, and as of recently, Microsoft is ‘committed’ to PC gamers and the PC in more ways than one. But we really have to ask ourselves why they’d be telling the truth now, and either way, why should we believe them? Well if we go back in time for a minute to recap on some previous events last year, GFWL is officially dead in the water and Age of Empires 2 HD was published onto Steam by Microsoft. Now here are some more interesting developments that popped up yesterday, not only has the Halo spin off, Halo: Spartan Assault, appeared on Steam, there’s been a tweet by Major Nelson of the price point being as low as $5.

What a treat! But have they really changed their ways? Perhaps they’re testing the waters to see if people actually want Halo on PC after Halo 2? Nothing is certain at this point, but there’s always the possibility...or not.

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Posts: 166

Hope this is good and not as bad as the original Halo on PC.

Posts: 1548

AND it's NOT only Win8 this time around!