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Halo: CE on PC Now Looks Better, Because Modders

By breadbitten09-06-2013

Modders, I salute thee. Not only do you manage to stretch the longevity of games with new or even restored lost content, but oftentimes you guys also realize that time takes its toll on some great games and then begin to actually remedy that through arcane means. Halo: Combat Evolved is definitely one of those games. A decade old port of a twelve year old Xbox (that's the first Xbox, not Xbox One or even Xbox 360, which I honestly am more than comfortable referring to as 'Xbone') game the first Halo on the PC was a massive success for Microsoft, so much so that they thought it would be a good idea to leave the series hanging on the platform after the disastrous Halo 2/Windows Vista synergy (hey, anyone remember Tray and Play?).

Anyway, a YouTuber by the name of Nosindustries recently uploaded a video showcasing the age old port all kitted up with some shiny new visual mods (better bitmapping, particle effects, shaders, higher polygon count, the whole nine yards!) alongside snippets of the vanilla game for comparison. The mods aren't yet available for download to the general public but they do still look rather rudimentary, so one would presume that further work is being done to make the visuals stand out a little more.

What do you say guys? Can you make do with a modder updated Halo or should we still try and prod the heavy heads at Microsoft into bringing Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition on our platform?



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Xidio. tl;dr.

Posts: 124

Gentlemen please, adjust your monocles and behave yourselves.

Posts: 341

oooh 1080p

my goodness... why couldnt the guy do this aswell? Oh right Im bashing the game, forgot jenssen, that video res = bashing a game!!!

Posts: 341

And I loooove the fact you cant even understand this:

"480p = Video.
Halo has higher res than 640x480 "

Video = Youtube.
Halo = The game you know, im actually saying it has a HIGHER resolution than 640x480, and you rage at me for this? HAHAHA

Halo by standard has a resolution up to 1600x900.
And with tweaking, you can go up to 1080p, like with every god damn "classic" game out there.

Seriously Jenssen, you need to go take an English class once more, cause you fail at the very basics today.

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Haha I love how Jenssen and Ruby think Im complaining about the game.

These fanboys are so... pathetic.

Im complaining about the god damn video being 480p only, whoever recorded this is not exactly used to PCs or recording in general or decided to use the tiniest ingame resolution possible, 640x480 isnt even supported by the vast majority of modern LCD Monitors.

And wtf you on about "you never classics"? wtf does that even mean? Jenssen, stop raging, and calm down so you can actually write a coherent sentence!

I played pretty much every popular 90s game during the 90s, I even played on an old Amiga and a Commodore. So I dont know what drugs youre on.
And halo to me isnt a classic.. Halo came out what, 2001? Not old enough to be branded classic.

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Bandicam is a bitch, tho.

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Wow, Xidio, you really are a fucking stuck up little cunt aint ya!

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So then I take it, you never classics, if you can't get across a simple resolution barrier.

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Jenssen, I know you have difficulties reading, but this is just pathetic.

480p = Video.
Halo has higher res than 640x480
I believe Halo also had AA.

Thus not impressed.

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You never play classics, Xidio?