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Halo 3C

By Bobfish23-04-2013

Well, where do we even begin? There's now an official petition aimed specifically at encouraging Microsoft to bring Halo 3 to the PC. After it was spotted in the Steam registry there was much rejoicing. Sadly, for Halo fans, this was quickly and firmly rebutted by Microsoft in no uncertain terms. But when it was also spotted in updates for AMD drivers there was much rejoicing. Until that, too, was refuted. So the fans decided, enough is enough, and started a petition which you can find here, that already has over 2000 signatures. How much, if any, difference it will make remains to be seen. But the success of the Dark Souls petition last year is inspiring.


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Posts: 3290

It was the most recent example I could call to mind

Posts: 1548

Signed. Though I doubt it will change anything. This is Microsoft we are talking about. On the other hand they Brought AoE2 HD. To Steam of all places.

Posts: 127

HALO 3 on the PC? Simply - yay! ^^ I only regret this petition was taken up so late, it would be a real something, say 4 years ago...

Also, calling the result of Dark Souls petition is... creepy. I still have nightmares starring this control system xD