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Halo 3 Rumors Denied...Again

By MrJenssen19-03-2013

What a huge surprise. Really, can anyone tell me they were genuinely surprised this would happen? Again?

Well, okay. Let's go back a little in case some of you missed it. Yesterday, we reported on a newly (re)started rumor about the possibility of Halo 3 hitting the PC. Apparently, someone found the world "Halo3" lodged into a string of signs and letters of an AMD Catalyst Profile update. So of course, people started getting all excited, thinking that THIS could be it. This time, they were for real!

Because, as most of us know, it isn't the first time this year that we've heard whispers of Halo 3 potentially ending up on Steam. Of course, Microsoft were quicker than lightning to deny these rumors, and people's hope eventually dwindled and died off.

For almost 24 hours now, shooter fans have been starting to get their hopes up once more. Could this be it? Could Halo 3 really end up on the PC? Does Microsoft actually NOT hate the guts out of every single PC gamer in existence? DENIED.

There still are people hoping, I'm sure. There are plenty of comparisons to draw lines between. Duke Nukem 3D was found in the Steam registry, and then was actually officially confirmed. So was Dyad. And hell, Final Fantasy 7 was found, denied officially and then suddenly confirmed after all. So I suppose one could say, there's always hope. Like the most amazing pop singer of all time - according to teenage girls around the world - once said: never say never.


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I really do hope they eventually bring all the Halo games to the PC. They looked great and played great on consoles so it would be nice to see them with higher resolutions and better graphics/controls on PC.