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Halo 2 Multiplayer Still On Life Support

By Mokman14-02-2013

Rejoice Halo 2 fans, it seems that Halo 2's online multiplayer is not to have its plug pulled just yet. Where previously it had been announced by Halo Waypoint that it would be ended on February 15, the overwhelming outcry from its surprisingly large fan-base has changed this fact. 343 Industries employee David Ellis has stated on Twitter that the servers would stay online until June 2013, while they "investigate further support options".

This is, of course, great news for fans of the hugely popular multiplayer FPS, and also for multiplayer gamers in general. It is always a great fear that a multiplayer community that you sink a substantial amount of time into would eventually shutdown, and thus a huge relief when alternative methods of support are considered rather than a clean cut. Thus, it is the hope of the community that this sets a precedent for many games to come.


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That's what I was thinking. Otherwise, why bother if they apparently had so few people online before they said the servers would be shut down?

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Halo 2 on Steam maybe?

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*not quite sure what to make of this.

And no idea what the previous bit posted before I finished typing o.O

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Interesting. Not