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Half-Life 3 Semi-Confirmed

By NeonAnderson30-03-2013

Good... wait no, that's not right, GREAT news for Half-Life fans or simply fans of First Person Shooters! The internet rumours are running rampant that Half-Life 3 might in fact be semi-confirmed. It is a fact that a select group of individuals involved with the gaming industry got to meet with Valve at GDC and were then shown something behind closed doors; now what they were shown is where the mystery begins.

The screenshot above was taken by Retrospectrealm.com and it shows a Twitter conversation between Markus Persson (otherwise known as Notch, creator of Minecraft and David Goldfarb, one of the people who got to see the Valve demonstration behind closed doors.

Now as you can read for yourself, at one point Notch asks David Goldfarb "Reply to this tweet if HL3 is confirmed." To which David replies "I will show my answer with some interpretative dance. Look closely."

It could easily be that David Goldfarb is just pulling our legs to have some fun with what Valve showed him. In any case we know that whatever they showed them are "nice things" and are certain to give gamers many more hours of quality gaming entertainment. But all indications do seem to point at Half-Life 3... besides, Gabe Newell's third shirt button was buttoned when he spoke at DICE 2013, that's got to mean Half-Life 3 is confirmed!


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Posts: 3290

We all know Half-Life 3 is in the works. It will happen. The only question is when

Posts: 241

This kind of news happens all the time. HL3 will be announced when it's announced :P

Posts: 596

Same here. I mean it could be anything they showed him behind closed doors and he could just be messing with us. It could be early footage of Half-Life/Portal movies. It could be Portal 3, it could be Counter-Strike 2, it could be a new Left 4 Dead... the possibilities are endless. Heck, it could even be a new IP.

Posts: 1548

Meh, I will believe when I see some official footage.