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Half a Decade of GOG’ing

By Azeebo09-01-2014

PC gaming had hundreds of amazing, industry changing games over the years, and whilst it has taken a little bit of a hit with the dawn of consoles, GOG has been there to supply us with all the games from yesteryear, in an affordable, DRM free manner. GOG has recently been in the spotlight with their very generous Fallout giveaway due to some legal kerfuffle with Bethesda, but once again they step into view for their 5th anniversary.

GOG has posted a 10 minute video explaining the concept behind GOG, their history and their best and worst moments. It is a great watch, and even has some mind blowing statistics and information. A highlight was hearing that a Shaman from the Amazon rainforest was playing games from GOG...yeah, it’s crazy.

We wish GOG another 5 years of prosperity and thank them for their amazing work on restoring our favourite games.


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