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Gunslinger Reveal Trailer

By Merc15-03-2013

If you weren't a fan of the last Call of Juarez, maybe this game will work out better. Many people did not like the last game but it could have had something to do with Dead Island being the focal point for Techland. Well, that is in the past so let's forget about that game and look forward to the Gunslinger. The game looks fun and will have some classic wild west characters involved in the adventure. If you are a fan of Call of Juarez, let us know what you think of the newest entry into the series.

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Posts: 1317

The Cartel was awful, I'm just suspecting that Techland had their "B-Team" working on that one while the big boys made Dead Island. The two first Juarez-games were awesome. I'm hoping this one will live up to that.

Posts: 596

Hopefully this will make good on the franchise

Posts: 1548

The Cartel sucked balls no matter what. It was a bad game on its own.