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Guns of Icarus Online To Kickstart Once Again

By Kelevandos18-04-2013

The last year's Kickstarter success, Guns of Icarus Online, is up for another try. After a rather warm reception, its creators, Muse Games, offer to introduce a fully-fledged adventure mode into the game. Well, it sounds nice in theory, but reality looks less interesting.

The Kickstarter for the adventure mode was set to 100.000$, an amount which has already been collected. However, this minimal funding threshold will only provide players with AI driven co-op missions. If we want things like economy and politics of the world, or a living universe itself, amounts up to 500 000$ would have to be collected.

While such approach could be defended in some aspects, it feels just wrong. Kickstarter is (or should be) based on honesty in a way that we pay, and the developers create what they say they will. So if a Kickstart is called "Adventure Mode", as a backer I would expect being given an adventure mode, not co-op missions with AI. The whole thing smells of desperation and if that is really the case, trying to delude the fans may prove fatal for the game.

And you? What do you think about Muse's move?

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