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Guns, Masks And More For Halloween Heisters

By MrJenssen31-10-2013

We haven't heard much from the Payday 2 heist gang in the past few months. Though plenty of content has been promised, so far only a few minor free packs have been released. Like the Diamond Store heist that came out back in September.

Well, Halloween is right ar- uh, I mean NOW, so Swedish developer Overkill have decided to drop us a supply crate full of goodies in their very first annual Halloween event. So, what does this free update include? Well, don't expect an enormous new map pack or anything, but there are a few bits and bobs to collect still.

First of all, it comes with a .45 semi automatic pistol, complete with various slides and an extended mag and a tactical flashlight usable with any weapon, that you can only get for free so long as you join the official Payday 2 Steam community group. There are also four morbid Halloween-themed masks to collect - one of which you will get immediately when you boot Payday 2 up after it's done updating - and six new mask patterns. The amount of masks you can store in your inventory has been tripled, and some minor thematic tweaks have also been made for the event, to make it all feel fittingly atmospheric. Oh yeah, and Halloween-themed achievements!

What's the catch, you ask? Well, the gun and the masks are only obtainable during the event, which ends on November 4! So get your moneybags ready, it's time to go shopping again!

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I concur

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Looks like a good occasion to jump back in. Haven't played for ages!