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Guild Wars 2 Action Combat Mod Approved

By siegarettes28-09-2012

A few days ago a workaround for Guild Wars 2 was released that gives players the ability to use crosshair targeting, eliminates the need to use Tab targeting and cursor targeting, and allows you to turn the camera without constantly needing to hold down the mouse buttons. In addition, the workaround also allows you to bind actions to the scroll wheel.

The "mod" uses the program AutoHotkey and Guild Wars 2's in game auto targeting options. It provides a more immediate action game like targeting system, not unlike the one used in recent MMO Tera.

A response from the devs posted on the Reddit thread where the mod first appeared confirms that third party programs are allowed under the game's terms of use as long as they do not bot, alter game files, or give any advantage to those who use them. While they did not go so far to condone or encourage use of the mod, they do recognize that it is different than simply running a cheat program.

The mod and developer response can be found here.

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