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Guild Wars 2, Now With Extra Pirates!

By Toast26-06-2013

Yarr Harr laddies! Ships Ahoy with some new booty for ye all to enjoy! Off with the pirate-speak – there are some new updates coming to Guild Wars 2 later today which includes changes to skills and traits, along with some new sky pirates from above. The pirates will be arriving later in Tyria, so you better watch out or you'll be walking the plank! Along with this update will be a new story based dungeon called Aetherblade Retreat, which will only be available until July the 9th. Next week however, you'll also have the chance to try out a new jumping based puzzle which will remain as a permanent addition to the game, ArenaNet have decided. If you want more information on the update, you can read Arenanet's guide.

Other updates include a re-working of traits and skills in the game. Not too many details have been officially confirmed so far, we'll learn more about them later, but we do know some changes will include a chance to do a glancing blow to an opponent that has become vulnerable with a weakness effect cast on them. It's noted that Necromancers will also get a new ability, called Tainted Shackles, which aims to inflict regular damage if the target continues the move, a nasty ability by the sounds of it. If you want to read up more on these changes to the game mechanics, check out this guide for the lowdown.

So dear readers, what are your thoughts to these new changes and updates? Spill yer guts below!

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Posts: 3290

@Kele: Are you *puts on sunglasses* jumping for joy?

Posts: 596

Well glad to see Guild Wars 2 is still getting a stream of new content that adds new gameplay mechanics

Posts: 127

There is a new jumping puzzle! Awesome :-)