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Guide to Larival 2

By Bobfish07-02-2013

A second episode of the Tomb Raider Guide to Survival series has shown up. Leaving aside the obligatory conspiracy theorising as to why it took so long (seriously, the last one was like a month ago) there's actually a lot more in here than I first expected. It mostly talks about the fast travel option, which doesn't sound like all that much at first. But it seems to be a lot more involved than the usual go from here to there of most games. It's actually pretty nifty. Allowing you to skip back to previous areas but also including functions like switching off waypoints for current progression so that you can focus on what you're doing without being distracted by an arrow telling you to go somewhere else.

There's also a lot more about 'Base Camps' than in the previous video. Explaining, again, how they work for crafting upgrades to your equipment and weapons, but also that you will have multiple camps to flit between. Each major area you explore will have one of its own. It's unclear, at this stage, how much difference they will have on the game as a whole. But I expect, since it was felt necessary to mention them that they will lead to some divergence. Perhaps certain pieces of equipment can only be stored in certain areas and things like that. The most important thing to take away from this is that I'm a lot less sceptical about the game now. Because, of course, my feelings on what it will be like are totally the only thing you care about. That's how it works right? I think. Or, I dunno', maybe you could join us in the comments and tell me what y'all think instead. After watching the video of course. It is rather interesting.

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