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GTX 770 – Slightly Faster and Cheaper GTX 680

By NAG3LT31-05-2013

A week after the launch of GeForce GTX 780, Nvidia releases another "new" card – GTX 770. Based on the same GK104 GPU as GTX 680, it features 4% faster GPU clocks with better boost control, 7 GHz GDDR5 memory (17% bandwidth improvement), high 230W TDP at $400 base price. While the reference design uses the same metal case as Titan, most manufacturers will sell it with their own cooling solutions.

From performance standpoint, GTX 770 manages to get 7% performance lead over GTX 680 in most games due to better boost control. On average GTX 770 manages to stand on par with more expensive HD 7970 GHz Edition. The choice between two depends on how much you want AMD's Never Settle game bundle and if you play only a few games, you may check benchmarks to see if one of the cards enjoys higher performance that the other. As far as future proof decisions go, while default versions of GTX 770 come with 2 GB VRAM, it is worth paying $30-50 more to get a 4 GB version in case of bad ports from next-gen consoles.

So far GeForce 700 series has a nice start from performance standpoint, but the power consumption suffers as a result. GTX 760 is also rumoured to be behind the corner, as a cheaper GTX 670.

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Posts: 1548

Damn it, I want it!

Posts: 267

GTX 760 should be coming soon as well.

Posts: 1317

I'm still stuck with my 560. Might be time to up the ante sometime soon.