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GTX 760 – A New Offer for a Medium Price

By NAG3LT26-06-2013

The latest and final (for the foreseeable future) member of the desktop GTX 700 series launches today. Unlike the earlier graphics card releases in this series, 780, 770, the GTX 760 doesn't outplace the best single-GPU offerings from a year ago, but reduces the price of last year's high end level of performance to a much more affordable £200/$250.

The internal configuration of GTX 760 does not correspond to anything in the GTX 600 series. It has less cores than GTX 660Ti, but runs them at higher frequency. That gives it an edge in most games, but some shader heavy games still run a bit better on GTX 660Ti. GTX 760 has a 256-bit memory bus, like GTX 670 and the same bandwidth as those cards. The use of more aggressive GPU Boost 2.0 means while rated at 170 W TDP, GTX 760 will consume more power than a GTX 670. The reference design includes a shorter PCB, just like its predecessors and there will be smaller versions of this card for more compact gaming rigs. Overall, GTX 760 manages to perform close to more expensive GTX 670 and HD 7950 Boost. Just as with GTX 770, getting the 4GB version of the card is my recommendation for the long-term future, considering next-gen console ports.

Unfortunately, Nvidia's ShadowPlay recording feature didl not launch yesterday (as reported earlier this month). Andrew Burnes from Nvidia gave a statement that the feature should be available soon without naming any specific date.

All in all, GTX 760 leaves a very favourable impression for a £200 card at the moment. It is a good replacement for GTX 660Ti and a possible upgrade path for owners of older GTX x60 cards. Those who want to get AMD's current offerings should expect lower prices for HD 7950 Boost soon, just like the price drop on HD 7970 GHz after the GTX 770 release. It also vindicates very boastful Nvidia marketing claims about the PS4, while we still do not have GTX Titan level single GPU performance below $500, GTX 760 at $250 makes HD 7850 level of performance in PS4 feel at a lower end.

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Posts: 3290

Silly Nvidia XD

Damn nice card though

Posts: 267

Well, 760 is clearly not an upgrade for a more powerful 670. On a fun note in their e-mail Nvidia has managed to mistype name and sent me GTX 760 announcement under the title "GeForce GTX 670: The New Weapon of Choice" xD.

Posts: 351

It looks like a nice card to me, I will wait for the 800 series to upgrade however cause I am still smashing games with my 2 670s.

Posts: 3290

That's an understatement. That's a bloody outstanding price. The effect it will have on the 7000s...well, I'm hoping to shift up to one of them in the not too distant future. So good news for we AMD boys too

Posts: 1317

It would seem like a logical jump for me, goin from my now aging 560TI to this. Not a bad price, not a bad price at all.