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Grind Yourself to Infamy

By MrJenssen28-01-2014

While Payday 2 is a great game, I raised some concerns in both my preview and review of the game, about its longevity. It's a fully cooperative game, and Co-Op games in general usually need regular release of fresh new content in order to stay relevant for most players.

Though developer Overkill Software have been doing an okay job in this regard, with a couple of new heists and other content updates seeing release over the past few months, some players might still feel the game's missing something. Something... grindy.

I already touched upon the Infamy update last time I talked about Overkill, but I didn't go into much depth. That's because I didn't quite know what the Infamy system was. Luckily, the devs themselves have come to the rescue with a nice new page devoted fully to the system. To sum it up, it's basically Payday's answer to Call of Duty's Prestige system. Once you reach the max level (which is 100 in Payday 2), and amass a staggering 200 MILLION in-game dollars, you'll have the option to reset all that, remove all your level progress, your unlocked skills and your spendable cash. In return, you gain one level of infamy, one infamy point that you can spend in the new infamy tree, and a card showing off your infamy level.

There are 14 infamy levels in total, each one gets increasingly more expensive to unlock, but offers more and more rare bonuses, including masks and other vanity items, but also some things that "might be useful for experimenting with how you play the game". Interestingly, only tier one is available right now. I suppose they don't expect anyone to burn through another 100 levels over a couple of days. Higher infamy levels will apparently unlock later, and more content will be added.

As much as I appreciate this artificial longevity-booster, I feel it would be better suited if the game had more content at this point. Where are the seven-day heists? Hell, there haven't even been any new heists going past a single day since the release of the game. Players will be happy to grind for you, but you need to give them the content they deserve if you expect them to bother doing it.

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