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Grimlands Alive and Kick(start)ing

By Kelevandos09-04-2013

Drago Entertainment, a Polish developer responsible for the titles such as Cold Zero and Oil Tycoon 2, has launched a Kickstarter for their project Grimlands, after it was cancelled by the publisher, Gamigo. 650.000$ is sure an ambitious goal but again, we have seen more surprising ideas push through. Also, the game is supposedly almost finished, so the possible backers are provided with lots and lots of footage.

Grimlands is supposed to be a mix of action RPG and a social MMO, based in a post-apocalyptic world with a touch of cyberpunk. The game has realistic graphics and feels more like a shooter than an MMO, thanks to Drago's own engine which utilises ideas like cover system and model hit-zones. The gameplay will be PvP-oriented, with emphasis on zone control and a non-linear story. Inspired by titles like Fallout and Borderlands, Grimlands is supposed to introduce an interesting, point-free character development system. In terms of payment, we can most probably expect a freemium model there.

Well, the game does seem interesting, but I am not sure if it has the right to exist on the current MMO market, dominated by titles like Guild Wars 2 or PlanetSide 2. I have a feeling that this is yet another ambitious MMO created on the wave of the genre's popularity, doomed to ultimate failure by lack of marketing and player base. As a Polish I support the guys at Drago with all my heart though and who knows, maybe they will surprise us all, like The Witcher once did!

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