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GRID 2 – LiveRoutes Revealed

By NeonAnderson02-05-2013

GRID 2 developers have just revealed a new feature. This new feature will transform the way in which racing games are played. This new feature is called – LiveRoutes and it that will allow the race track to change on the fly.

It will be used predominately in city environments, such as Paris, Barcelona, Chiago, Miami and Dubai. LiveRoutes will change the route that players have to race on as events occur dynamically within the game. This definitely is a revolutionary new feature for the racing genre and will be exciting to find out how it plays out in-game. LiveRoutes will be able to switch the track in up to six different ways, as it randomly and dynamically selects a new route through the city. As a result, players will never know what is coming next and will mean that players will not be able to simply memorise the layout of LiveRoutes event circuits.

The LiveRoutes event mode will be available both in single player and multiplayer and will offer near limitless possibilities with each new race. The video above shows exactly how the LiveRoutes mechanic will work in-game and the kind of challenge it will offer for players in GRID 2.

Get ready on the start lines as GRID 2 will race its way onto your computer on May 31st, as well as on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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