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GRID 2 – Dubai Elimination Gameplay

By NeonAnderson21-05-2013

Nothing better than pure, unedited gameplay to show off just what a game is made of, and the latest video for GRID 2 does just that!

Showing off some intense and nerve-wracking racing on one of the maps set in Dubai on the Elimination gameplay mode. Here the timer keeps counting down from 20 seconds and once the timer hits 0 the racer who is in the last position is eliminated. This process continues until there is just one victor left standing.

Everything looks top-notch, the graphics of the cars and environments, the ways the cars handle and the visual effects. Better yet the level design looks really great with some unexpected but realistic obstacles in the way that can catch novice drivers off-guard, let's just say that hitting a traffic barrier at 120 mph (+- 190 km/h) means you're gonna have a bad time.

So far the only real complaint I have personally seen on the video comments for GRID 2 and the forums, as well as Pixel Judge comments is that some people are sad there is no cockpit view.

So yeah, feel free to share your comments below on this latest awesome gameplay video and GRID 2 in general.


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