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GRID 2 – Destroy Everything Mode

By NeonAnderson07-09-2013

While GRID 2 normally aims to promote players to drive clean and make as little contact with other cars as possible, Codemasters has decided to give a place to those who just love to see hot metal-on-metal action. Introducing now the Demolition Derby Mode!

Tired of "just" racing? Want to do some serious damage? Well the wait is over! Now Codemasters is releasing a new free DLC mode called Demolition Derby! This mode will be a great place for racers who just can't resist causing some serious vehicular damage.

The free DLC includes the new mode along with a Jupiter Eagle Ray Mk 5 Demo Derby car along with a range of stock liveries, plus of course still the option to create your own livery. To play this new mode on the developers have included the Detroit Demolition Derby Stadium that comes in two different track configurations, both of which feature a neat crossover jump. As everything is always better when done in the air, amiright?

Demolition Derby can be played in single-player, splitscreen co-op and with up to 12 players in the online mode. This mode is available for free on all GRID 2 platforms (PC, PS3 and XB360).


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Uuuuu destruction derby. I like it!