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GRID 2 - Asian Locations Revealed

By NeonAnderson15-05-2013

The latest trailer shows off some of the new locations that GRID 2 will feature in various locations across Asia, as well as the new drifting events that feature dangerous consequences for failing a drift.

Each Asian location will have a unique event series. The first location shown is Hong Kong where players must close the gap to take their chances to pass one-on-one against other racers, this mode will be called Touge.

In Dubai the events will be orientated around Street Racing and thus the races will take place on real highways and city streets. In Abu Dhabi there will be some Track Racing at the Yas Marina, which is well known amongst racing fans as it has hosted many top level motorsports.

The new Drift events will push players to the limit as they will now take place on tracks that feature both asphalt and dirt, some tracks will even have open cliffs from which players who drift unsuccessfully will find themselves falling, quite literally.

If all this excites you, can you already pre-order GRID 2 and it will launch May 28th worldwide for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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Posts: 596

GRID 1 was really great, and 2 is just looking amazing, cannot wait!

Posts: 3290

You know, I'm really starting to see the appeal of this franchise