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Greenlight's Amber Light

By Bobfish30-01-2013

Yet more updates have, already, rolled out for Valve's Greenlight service. As well as the controversial $100 submission requirement (as in, those who want their product to show up on Greenlight have to pay $100) which I personally agree with completely. It discourages someone, like myself for example, from making up a few mock images, throwing in a load of promises and taking all the money for myself. That's not to say that people won't still do that, I'm sure some will. But some people will find a way to abuse any system. Anyway, as well as that, there's now a whole slew of extra features for both hopeful developers, and we the users.

Because there are already over a thousand titles to browse through, the mighty Gaben has declared, from his throne of advanced copies of Half-Life 3, that there wilt now be an 'Ask em later' option to complement the existing yes/no dichotomy. A feature that probably should have been there from the beginning, but I don't honestly think anyway expected a response this massive. So there you have it. Currently, we're told, any ask laters will be removed from showing up for a period of a month. Though there's some room for that to change as time goes by. Perhaps, though this is conjecture on my part, we will see options for ask me in a week, ask me in three days, that kind of thing. There's also a new 'follow' option, on top of the existing add to favourites, which, shockingly enough, allows you to follow the progress of something that catches your eye. Presumably by sending E-mail notifications when they hit milestones and that kind of thing.

For the content providers, we're told that more detailed statistics (I'm guessing things like number of clicks, time each person spent looking at your page, things like that) and the new 'Collections' feature, which allows people to create a, well, collection of games they think deserve attention. This is useful for both regular users (keeps them all in one place) and developers who have more than one title going. It offers you the tools to post a blanket notification to anybody and everybody who follows you, which will have other benefits for those of a more journalistic bent. Like, for example, if we here at Pixel Judge were to create our own list and wanted to let our readers know that X game was about to be released. All in all, there's a lot going on here, so it's well worth checking out. If you'd like to know more about Greenlight, or have any comments of your own, don't be shy, come join us in the comments below.

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