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Greenlight First Greenlit Titles

By Bis18marck7012-09-2012

Steam Greenlight has been running for nearly two weeks now and perhaps it is time to evaluate some of it. At this point, I could talk to you about the problems of the service, why I believe it is not yet up to par and what should be done to make it into a service that is actually beneficial to the gaming community and market. But if I’d do so, I would probably fill a few pages worth of text and let’s be honest, you have better things to do than reading how I digress on ‘Blood and Iron’.

As such, let me give you another bit of news. The first ten games that have passed the ‘trials’ of the community have been selected and will be added to the digital distribution service independently with a release date yet to be specified. The games chosen by our fellow gamers – some won’t be much of a surprise - are the following listed alphabetically:

Black Mesa

Cry of Fear


Heroes & Generals



No More Room in Hell

Project Zomboid



The verdict has been cast. What do you think of the above list and of Greenlight in general? Leave your comments and ideas down below.

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Yes. Finally! But I'm sure this happened only because Valve finally lowered the "Like" numbers from 100K to something less.