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Greenlight Concepts

By Bis18marck7019-10-2012

Steam Greenlight will receive a new section titled ’Concepts’, allowing the developer to post their game without the usual $100 fee. However, titles added to the Concept section cannot be Greenlit and are thus only used as a hub to judge interest in the game by presenting, advertising and to build a possible target community. As such, ‘Concepts’ could be a useful for those that do not have the financial resources, or want to make the binding commitment, for the actual Greenlight process.

While certainly a good idea in theory, it would be questionable how smart, from a business standpoint this is. True, a target audience must be found and the project needs to have its name out there. However, both these things can be achieved via the normal process as well and the fee of $100 should not really be a major issue. While a tidy sum in its own right, the actual investment would be extremely small compared to the wider PC market and can be usually generated quickly. Why anyone would thus risk the exposure on ‘Greenlight Concepts’ that could well mean the loss of some great individual ideas to other developers, is something I’d like to have answered.

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The only way in which I can see any use in this is conceptualizing a sequel to a game with the fans of your first title. Otherwise, what is the point?