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Greeks from the Future

By PeterChi29-11-2013

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to combine Jason and the Argonauts with Star Trek? Me neither, but Kris Fosh has. Kris Fosh set up his own games company, Dreamfever, after working on and off in the games industry over the past twelve years. To help get his first title, Jason the Greek off the ground Kris has turned to the lovely folk of the world-wide-webternet through Kickstarter.

Jason the Greek will be the story of Jason (of Argonautical fame) combined with the characters from Star Trek. So Jason will have the personality of the indomitable Captain Kirk, while the Argonauts will all have personalities from Kirk's crew. The game will play as a point-and-click adventure, and looks to be laden with a lot of fantastically sexist Kirkisms.

There is a demo available for anyone who wants a peek at what the full game will be like.

Jason the Greek is planned to be a three part adventure series, with Jason beginning his adventure on the island of Lemnos, an mythical greek island populated only with women. I fear for them all. Get ready ladies!

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