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GR: Future Soldier is Getting DLC, the Earth Keeps Turning

By Leigh Cobb23-08-2012

Ubisoft have announced a new DLC pack for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Entitled, 'Raven Strike', it is intended as a "throwback to traditional Ghost Recon gameplay".

Comprising of three new campaign missions and a new Guerilla Mode map, each playable with up to four players, at least this DLC has some meat to it. All that Sleeping Dogs DLC appearing on Steam on the other hand...

We've also got some mission names and descriptions for you:

"3 new missions in Campaign Mode

Secure Dawn: a foggy marsh in Kazakhstan where the Ghosts will not be allowed access to advanced technology (no optical camouflage, drone or sensor grenade).

Cold Walker: a train depot on the Russian countryside.

Argent Thunder: a night time urban setting in Moscow.

Sawmill: face 50 waves of enemies on the foggy Russian countryside"

Ubisoft also gave word that more DLC will be on its way after this.

September 11th and 12th are the release dates for the 360 and PS3 versions, no word on the PC date yet. In the mean time, why not give these screenshots a gander?

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