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GPG Layoffs After Launching $1.1M Kickstarter

By SavageOcto19-01-2013

After launching their Kickstarter campaign for $1.1 million for their new action RPG, Wildman, it seems not everything is going well at Gas Powered Games. Kotaku reported the layoffs and multiple updates from Chris Taylor, founder of GPG. While the original post said sources made connections to the Kickstarter's performance, that "almost everyone" was being affected, and that "One source suggested that the company may be shutting down entirely."

Taylor replied to the reports that 40 people were "affected by layoffs" and wasn't a sudden decision, rather one in the works for a while. Taylor also made a video update on the Kickstarter campaign talking about the layoffs and the reason behind them - that being if GPG did the campaign and it failed, he would have to let everyone go and possibly shut down the company without giving any paid time-off or severance. "I decided was not worth it," said Taylor.

In the video he asked the community if he should continue with the Kickstarter campaign. With the team laid off, the company can save money to pay severance and paid time-off. "Now that the team has been laid off should I continue the continue the campaign to see if the numbers do improve, and hire them back at the end of the campaign if they still want to come back and if they haven't found jobs? Or do I shut the campaign down tonight, or tomorrow, and call it done?"

You can voice your opinion by leaving a comment on the Kickstarter page. If you want the campaign to continue, be sure to also back the game as well if you haven't done already. "Do we kill the campaign," said Taylor," or do we keep it going? It's up to you."

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Ahh, my mistake. I misread something along the way.

And I'm supposed to be Editorial? ~_~

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They havent made a million dollars yet but they are trying to with their kickstarter campaign

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Okay, first, why does their logo remind me so much of Splinter Cell?

More importantly, how does anyone go about justifying layoffs after making more than a million dollars for, effectively, doing nothing? This seems suspiciously like a con to me