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Gorn To Be Wild

By Bobfish21-03-2013

To boldly go where no-one has 'gorn'... bit of a stretch, but I think it worked. But enough puns, there's reporting to be done. Further to the news that the upcoming Star Trek game will not only allow you to play as Kirk and Spock, but in co-op no less, then the revelation of the Gorn as the primary protagonist. Now we have a short video introduction, detailing some of the differences between the various types we will encounter. From the therm optics equipped leftenants, to the obligatory heavies and beefy commander types. And female Gorns, henceforth known as fegorns. Why you ask? Well, join me in the comments below and I'll tell you...

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Depends who you talk to. The big threat to the Federation during the original series was actually the Romulans. The Klingons were simply more popular

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Aren't Gorn sort of inconsequential when compared to Klingons?