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Goodbye Insurance

By breadbitten31-12-2013

Oh dearie! Seems Joe Danger developer Hello Games' recent run of bad luck didn't just end with the disastrous flood that dealt considerable damage to the studios Guildford offices! Announced via Twitter, the company said that insurance unfortunately does not cover damages from floods...

"BAD NEWS! Had a 'hilarious' call with insurer yesterday. Small print is if you are in a flood risk zone, you are not insured for flooding :("

I'm sure a new 'Scumbag Insure' meme is all but confirmed by the internet after this, but pooh-poohing them doesn't do much to change Hello Games' bad luck. However, after receiving a string of supportive tweets from fans and well-wishers it seems the studio's plight has not gone unnoticed by some bigwig companies. Asked by fans if Hello Games can be helped by them, again through Twitter, Microsoft's Phil Spencer said he'd be "looking into it".

Guess a little help from one of the biggest names in the video games industry, or indeed technology altogether, would more than help the folks at Hello Games. Get it done Microsoft!

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Posts: 3290

If EA did it we'd just accuse them of trying to buy us off

Posts: 166

Maybe if EA help out as well, it will go a way towards gamers not hating EA.

Posts: 124

@Bobfish They'd be damned fool to let this slip by.

Posts: 3290

Would help Microsoft score some brownie points too