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Good Light, Good Luck

By Bobfish18-11-2013

We've all seen these before, reportedly 'in game' video teasers of all the snazzy new rendering techniques and bloom effects a game has to offer. We know we shouldn't, but when get really excited. Especially when they look as good as Dying Light. There are even some telltale signs that this may genuinely be realtime, in game footage as well. The zombies in the courtyard roughly half way in, is that motion blur I detect at play on their models?

Regardless, it looks incredible, it really does. And hey, even if it is another of those in engine deals, it still shows a lot of potential, so who knows? Of course, it's going to murder your rig in the face trying to run it all, but shh, that's what future hardware is for. But what do y'all think? Something to be genuinely excited about, or just another case of overselling? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Posts: 1317

Doesn't look too shabby. Let's hope the performance won't be as bad as Dead Island's.

Posts: 207

I've played a bit of Dying Light - albeit on console - and was really unimpressed by it....so I'll be giving this a pass.