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Going Rogue (Updated)

By Bobfish05-08-2014

We don't know how they managed it, but our colleagues at AllGamesBeta managed to get their hands on a trailer for Assassin's Creed Rogue. You know? That other Creed game that Ubisoft still haven't said anything about? Now, chances are, this video won't be available for long, so allow me to give a quick description.

We see an assassin in white, traditional white, who could very well be the original AltaÏr, but we also see a darkly attired 'assassin' with a far, far more modern looking flintlock musket. A musket that reminded me very, very much of the weapon much mentioned, but never seen Russian assassin Nikolai Orelov is depicted with in the expanded literature. His outfit, however, reminds me far more of the 'ninja' Templar from the DS/iOS AltaÏr's Chronicles. The latter seeming quite possible as he appears to also be carrying a Templar blade...and is seen beside a naval vessel with the Templar cross on its sails.

The video does not verify any release platform other than the Xbox 360, but given Ubisoft's track record of favouring Sony in the past, it's almost guaranteed that we will also see a Sony as well as PC release. Until then, we can only speculate, and hope. Though with the release date listed as November 11th, I expect we will, finally, be hearing something concrete about it very soon. So make damn sure you keep a close eye on us, because we will be keeping a close eye on them.

Update: We now have the official trailer and official word from Ubisoft. The new character is named Shay Cormac, a former assassin who now hunts assassin's...and it's a console excluisve. Not just that, but it's 360 and PlayStation 3...dafuq Ubi? I say expect a port somewhere down the line though, as happened with Liberation. Or there are going to be a lot of people very pissed, for a long time.

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Ubisoft are being Ubisoft

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I'm confused... Unity, Rogue, what is all this??? What is the new game, what's DLC, what is what? Ugh, Ubisoft, wtf are you doing to AsC!