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GOG.com Redefined

By Kelevandos01-09-2014

It turns out that we here at Pixel Judge weren't the only ones planning a graphical overhaul! Guess what – folks at GOG.com decided to revamp it, adding new features and improving the visuals. Let us have a little walk through the new GOG site!

First of all, the UI has been completely redesigned and now resembles the Windows 8'ish tile-based aesthetics. I personally hate it, but one thing is certain – such design works much better with mobile devices, so a point for you there, GOG. Also, the inner, user-related screens remain untouched, including the rather awful-looking Game Library. Too bad. Next up are Movies. Apart from DRM-free games, the customers will now be able to purchase full movies and later watch them online or download in various quality settings. And while the prices seem a little too harsh to compete with piracy, this is an interesting step to be sure. Last but not least, new currencies were introduced, including GBP, AUS, RUB and EUR. These come with a user-friendly systems of automatic refunds should your local currency price tag prove higher when converted into USD. Awesome idea, but I would gladly see more currencies added to the set.

With GOG Galaxy approaching, the update of GOG.com may be seen as a little preview of both the artistic and mechanical features of the platform. Do you find any of the changes particularly pleasing? Or the opposite maybe? Why don't you tell us about it in the comments below?


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