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GOG Survey Shows Some Curious Results

By Fr33Lanc3r.00723-04-2013

We all know about gog.com, those loveable guys that sell us games, both old and new, without DLC, Season Passes or any of the other things that plague modern gaming. That could change however, with the results of a recent survey suggesting that, if GOG’s efforts to extend their catalog happens to wander into this territory, customers would be happy with DLC, Season Passes, and Episodic Content. The results (embedded above), show that nearly 70% of customers would be happy with DLC, with slightly less saying that Episodic Content and Early Access builds are fine by them. Season passes were also ok with a majority of customers, although it was a slim majority. What wasn’t accepted, however, was persistent online multiplayer with tracking and third party accounts - although online multiplayer with simple serial keys were split nearly evenly.

It’s interesting to look through where consumers draw the line if it means having a wider range of titles available at your store of choice, and it’s heartening to see that GOG is putting their own restrictions on these aspects of modern gaming, saying that they’re planning on being careful with any of these features, and will attempt to ensure that the player is satisfied with anything they purchase. They’re also adamant that DRM will never be permitted in their store, which always brings a smile to my face. Anyway, have a look for yourself, and let us know what you think.


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This actually doesn't surprise me all that much. Let's be honest. We don't have a problem with DRM. We have a problem with the DRM developers are using