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GOG Rolling Out Pre-orders

By Azeebo25-02-2014

GOG.com is one of the last remaining great places on earth. A place where you can go every now and then, and relive your past time and time again without the hassle of prehistoric storage options and optimisation issues. They even offer you more modern titles so your nostalgia can expand beyond that of the 8bit era. Oh, and it is all DRM free, which makes everything taste that much sweeter.

GOG are planning on making life that much better with pre-orders and launch day releases, with 3 big games from 3 big developers in the works for this special GOG treatment. Whilst we don't know the names of the games, or the developers for the matter, we do know the genres - 2 RPG’s and 1 Strategy.

But that is not all, GOG is also implementing regional prices, which has not been a thing since the launch of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. GOG only deals in USD at the moment, and the 3 upcoming mystery games will not be subject to the change, overall this is great news.

Now GOG are never short on a few deals and special promotional goodies, with this being no different. If you pre-order any of these games, you get to select another game from a predefined selection to download for free, a gift so to speak.


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Yeah I know.

Well, they're promising to be as accurate and fair as possible. $9,99 being €7,50 for us and so on. So we'll see. There'll always be a bit of a difference due to the fluctuating currency values and stuff, but I'm willing to give them a CHANCE at least.

... But yeah, expect the NEW releases to be €50 and all that bullshit like every other store.

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oh and Jenssen, look at their new version of that policy:


Posts: 596

Good news? Regional pricing sucks ballz. I'd much rather pay the USD price than the local EUR price which is somehow 3x more expensive, while I earn 3x less than people in America and pay 100x more the taxes as they do there.

So no, no no no, no regional f*ing pricing. GOG has officially become, as I feared they would, no different than all the rest. Seems like the natural development, from a small lovable firm that is fair, puts customers first and has great and quality service. To a medium sized firm that can offer even better selection. To eventually a large firm that no longer cares about customers, has lost sight of its beginnings and completely screws the customer over. Oh and you can forget about customer service at that point too.

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Good news? No, this isn't good news at all.

GOG used to have integrity. They were against regional pricing because it was unfair. They made it a major principle that everyone would pay the same.


... And now they're trying to make this bullshit move sound like a good thing.

Fuck off, GOG. You're becoming just like the rest.