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GoG Introduces RetroMator 4000

By NAG3LT01-04-2013

Some gamers are very nostalgic about the style, gameplay and graphics of older games. For those people GoG.com has just introduced a solution – RetroMator 4000, a tool to automatically convert modern games to antique ones. Here is the list of the features:

  • Scale your graphics back to SVGA, VGA, or even EGA, with color depths as low as 16 colors!
  • Bring back the old-school user interfaces: each genre comes with its own selectable UI inspired by the classics.
  • Remove all graphics completely and play your favorite game as a text-only adventure in a variety of text parser styles.
  • Get rid of all QTEs from games, replacing them with traditional boss battles or incomprehensible timed puzzles!
  • Eliminate the regenerating health/shields and limited weapon inventories from shooters. Add back in the other 8 gun slots that Carmack intended!
  • Add context for your actions back into the game via neural branching storylines thanks to the random story generator.
  • Add an EMS & XMS memory management minigame. Also has optional IRQ conflicts module and autoexec.bat options.
  • Break games up into virtual disks. Relive the joy of floppy switching via drag & drop!
  • UNDER DEVELOPMENT: RetroMator 4000 will soon also have features that let you create your own shareware versions of games (extracts ~3 hours of gameplay, adds in nag screens) and converts games into side-scrolling platformers.

Don't wait, grab it, and go play BioShock Infinite with no 2 weapon limit as old-school text RPG. Don't let graphics distract you from the wonderful plot.


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