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GOG Galaxy isn't so far far away

By WskOsc05-05-2015

A long long time ago Good Old Games revealed their own Steam-ish platform called Galaxy and invited people to beta test a handful of the features along with the release of the Witcher Adventure Game. Today we're graced with a proper open beta for GOG users.

The Galaxy client will offer many of the same features as Steam such as: Game downloading, installing and updating, chat, friends lists, game time tracking, achievements, online multiplayer and matchmaking and even some platform cross-play for the games that support it. So far so Steam. Two features make Galaxy stand out against its contemporaries; the ability to roll-back patches to a previous version and downloadable DRM-free versions of all the games on the platform.

If all that sounds a bit too good to be true, you can relax because GOG seem to be delivering on their promises so far. One of their promises is that this is all completely optional; you can still download your good old games through their site and features like auto-updating games via Galaxy can be disabled if the user wishes.

It's possible to sign up for the beta right now so long as you're on Windows or Mac. Looks like Linux users will have to stare longingly for the time being. Galaxy's first major release will be The Witcher 3 which releases on the 19th of this month.


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