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GOG.com Expanding!!

By eremeticskeptic19-03-2014

One of the PC gamer's best friends, GOG.com, is going to be supporting Linux soon! They're in the process of testing their games to make sure they run on Ubuntu and Mint and have plans to roll out soon. Honestly, this is fantastic - there's no reason not to use Ubuntu now. Stick it to the man. Take those profits from Microsoft. Viva la revolution.

This is just further proof that GOG.com is, in fact, perfect. They're almost better than Steam with their sales. Where else can you get the old Fallouts for free and Brutal Legend for $2? Their most recent bundle beat out Steam sales, man. That's impressive in and of itself. On top of that, they have a stunning history of customer service. Oh, and let's not forget that this Linux expansion is just another step in their awesome support of all things gaming. There are hearts in my eyes.


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