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Godus Prototype Video

By Mokman18-12-2012

As the Kickstarter for Project Godus, Peter Molyneux's new God-simulation brainchild, comes to a close, a last video featuring the newly finished Godus prototype has been released, sparking a wave of excitement for those following the development of this game.

The video features a battle between two warring tribes, some godly powers mainly related to terraforming the land, and a few more features. It shows a substantial amount of game already developed, although it is stressed that this is early footage. If this has gotten you excited, and you wish to contribute to the eventual release of the game, there are three days left on the Kickstarter campaign. I know this has tipped the scales finally for me in the favour of the game. The 22 Cans team just got a new backer.

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I have the opposite opinion Neon, I quite like Molyneux and his child like enthusiasm and passion for video games.

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Looks like it wont be funded successfully. Though to be honest they haven't actually shown much and Peter Molynoux has, in general. Personally I also have low respect for Molynoux, to me he is just a liar and one thing I hate most is someone who constantly and always tells lie after lie after lie. Not to mention he has a massive ego and lives in a fantasy world (at least he gives that vibe when he talks, how he talks, lol). But yeah, seriously, can someone tell me what this game's gameplay will be like? I find it no where, neither in the game's Kickstarter page nor in any of its videos.

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They should release it to public