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Gods Will Be Watching This Trailer

By Bunnysuit26-02-2014

New teaser trailer for the successful Indiegogo campaign "Gods Will Be Watching" has been released. The original game can be played online on Deconstucteam's website. The remake will be more than "bigger" and "deeper". The game will have six new levels, ten total hours of gameplay new cinematics, an achievement system which unlocks bonus goodies, and an empathy system. More situations, other than survival, will also be part of the game.

The trailer shows a spaceship and scenes of people being shot, and tortured. The last scene is a group around a campfire just before the title appears. I love the pixel art style of the game. The gameplay describes itself as a point and click thriller, decisions impact the gameplay, but there are no good or bad choices, just choices. It is another game that explores morality and human ethics.

If it's anything similar to the recent Telltale releases, I'll be looking forward to it.

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I love this art style!

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So the thumbnail image thing looks like a guy holding his schlong...