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Godlike Vikings

By Toast01-04-2014

Vikings were strong warriors, but did you know that some were stronger and superior than others? There were some that were truly godlike amongst their fellow brethren, and luckily for the dear fans of War of the Vikings, Paradox has listened, and now they will deliver. Introducing Godlike Warriors DLC you will be able to dominate the battlefield with advanced abilities, such as the ballistic Godlike Fury, rain down a hundred axes upon your foes. How about a godlike map-traversal ability, like Godlike Ascension? It'll certainly come in handy to strike down your foes without mercy on a single whim, or to help you reach your fellow Norsk brethren quickly in the heat of battle.

You may also be blessed by wielding Thor's hammer in battle, unleashing a hammer of instant death upon it hitting a living mortal. But you probably want to know where to pre-order this amazing content, right? All you need to do is prepare a sacrifice to our beloved Viking god Thor, preferably a goat. Then you need to burn it and then funnel the smoke into a USB port to be eligible to be a godlike warrior. If you aren't worthy enough though, you can always become a regular Viking instead.

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