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GoD Factory Seeks to Make Gods Out Of Us

By zethalee26-04-2014

Pitting teams of four against each other in attempts to down the enemy team's 13km-long carrier, GoD Factory: Wingmen seeks to scratch the itch of both players wanting a deeply customizable experience, and those wanting intense spaceship dogfighting.  Backed by the recent announcement of their new publisher, Bandai Namco, Nine Dots Studio asks players to destroy various components( of the enemy's carrier (totaling nine in all, as of this writing), which in addition to hampering the repairing abilities of the opposing team, among other effects, can help your team take down the colossal structure faster. 

Players themselves can bring in two wholly customizable spaceships into battle, with parts earned and bought by completing and winning matches. The game's website touts that players have over 1000 parts and four races to choose from. With matches specifically not designed to last longer than 25 minutes, it would appear as though Nine Dots is looking to strike the balance between the shorter matches of games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and the potentially longer matches of MOBAs, the least of which being League of Legends. 

With a beta not too far off on the horizon, and last year's abysmal X: Rebirth disappointing aspiring interstellar pilots everywhere, fans of causing enemy spacecrafts to explode beautifully among futuristic weaponry and titanic cruisers may have something to yet look forward to.

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