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God…us is Coming to Steam

By Toast31-08-2013

Nope, God isn't coming to Steam, but Peter Molyneux's Godus certainly is! Godus is a reboot of Populous by 22 Cans, and it'll be hitting Steam's Early Access category next month on the 13th of September. Just like Populous, you'll be able use the elements to your advantage to crush your enemies and advance your worshippers forward. You'll basically be building up a civilization that will worship you, and you can cater to them by shaping their landscape, and their natural surroundings, and you'll have to protect them from the other gods and destroy their worshippers, and crush the population that opposes you!

Hey, it certainly looks fun, and if we get to wreak havoc and destroy other different populations that worship another god with different natural elements....it certainly leaves open the opportunity for some creative destruction. But of course, you'll be able to access this next month on Steam, so make sure you have some followers that will worship the feat you stand on before you become a God......us.

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Posts: 42

Watch this space... Preview copy already requested!

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No *sunglasses* a Godspiracy

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Posts: 3290

You know. Populous being added to the Origin bundle suddenly makes a whole lot more sense

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Oh goody!