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Goal Surpassed, Project Wrapped

By MrJenssen16-10-2013

I have to admit, the Kickstarter campaign for The Long Dark was starting to look kind of bleak around this time last week, they finally pulled through this weekend, and even went in overdrive before eventually settling on more than $55.000 beyond their initial $200.000 goal (in Canada-money). This effectively unlocks a downloadable graphic novel and an extended soundtrack for all backers. No small feat, considering that the last $150.000 or so came in over the past week.

Though the campaign seemed to struggle for a while, the collective talent of the team making the game (and running the campaign) helped ensure the project's eventual success. In fact, speaking of talent, shortly after the initial goal was met, developer Hinterland apparently struck a deal with voice actor David Hayter, who is most known for providing the voice for Solid Snake in Kojima's Metal Gear series.

"David's years of experience bringing the complex, multi-layered character of Solid Snake to life make him ideal for delivering the kind of deep, character-driven storytelling that players will discover in The Long Dark. We're thrilled to have him join the cast!"

If you still feel left out in the cold about what The Long Dark actually is, feel free to read my summary of the concept from back in September, before Hinterland launched the Kickstarter campaign. In short though, it can be described as a post-apocalyptic survival game, which involves a bunch of different things except zombies.

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Posts: 240

They have Mark Meer, Jennifer Hale, and Elias Toufexis as well, believe it or not. Backed it myself - can only hope now, as with other projects I've Kickstarted, that it'll live up to being how promising it sounds thus far.

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David Hayter man.

'Nuff said

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Sounds good, I'll try to remember about this one.